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Hello Everybody. As a piece of market research I recently sent an e mail to all the subscribers to my newsletter, asking for ideas on my website and genealogical research in general.

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Close to my granduncle's farm near Kilmacrennan in Co. Donegal is a ruined farmhouse in the townland of Skreen.

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With the wonderful horse racing in recent weeks I hope readers of my genealogy blog won't mind if this week my Friday blog does not have much to do with Irish genealogy but with the great love of the Irish for their race horses, which apparently stretches way back in time to early modern and probably even medieval times.

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Conn Bacach O'Neill, the lord of Tyrone from 1519 until his death in 1559, was a powerful Gaelic Irish chieftain who re-established the primacy of the O'Neill family in Gaelic Ulster and was created first earl of Tyrone by the English king, Henry VIII, in 1542. In his obituary in the Annals of the Four Masters, Conn Bacach O'Neill was stated to have 'spent his age and time without blemish or reproach'.

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