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Welcome to the website I use to promote my books, as well as my McGettigan family history, which may be of interest to relatives, fellow unrelated McGettigans, or even just people interested in genealogy or Irish family history. I originally created this website as a genealogical research business, although I no longer work as a genealogist. My main fields of research at the moment are as an historian and author. My area of specialization is early modern history, particularly sixteenth-century Irish history.

My first book Red Hugh O'Donnell and the Nine Years War, originally published in 2005, is still available as an e-book. This book focuses on the history of late sixteenth-century Ireland, particularly the major conflict towards the end of the century between the armies of Queen Elizabeth I and the remaining autonomous chieftains of Gaelic Ulster, now known as the Nine Years War (1594-1603). My second book The Donegal Plantation and the Tír Chonaill Irish, 1610-1710, published in 2010, has its focus a little later - the history of north-west Ireland throughout the seventeenth and very early eighteenth centuries.

My two latest books have been about medieval Irish history. The first: The Battle of Clontarf, Good Friday, 1014, is an account of that famous Irish battle fought 1,000 years ago, which was published in 2013, just in time for the wonderful millennial celebrations of 2014. My latest book is about late-medieval Irish history. Entitled Richard II and the Irish kings and just published last year, the book examines the two expeditions of the English monarch, Richard II, to the island of Ireland in 1394-5 and 1399. The book also analyses the fourteenth-century decline of the English lordship of Ireland, the corresponding Gaelic Revival, as well as the remarkable careers of some of the Irish kings who Richard encountered, such as Niall Mór and Niall Óg Ó Néill and Art MacMurchadha Caomhánach, who died 600 years ago in 1417.

Richard II and the Irish kings was launched in September 2016 by my old professor and later President of UCD, Dr Art Cosgrove. It was Art who first taught me about Richard II's involvement with Ireland, way back when I was an undergrad at UCD. Another of my undergrad professors, Howard Clarke, wrote a review of my Battle of Clontarf Book. This is what the professor said:

'This is an example of an expert book written by a self confessed non-expert - and it is a resounding success. ... McGettigan's book is full of details and insights, referenced to the primary sources. One of its strengths is a sense of Irishness: time and again we are given the Irish text accompanied by a translation. Another is the remarkable selection of illustrations ... the 32 images amount to an eclectic mix of artefacts, illuminated manuscripts, photographs, prints and maps. This is a book from which there is much to learn and in which there is much to enjoy'. History Ireland magazine, March/April 2014.

(Thanks v.much Professor Clarke!).


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